Through the Looking Glass

I've been taking photography since I was young, and it became huge part of my everyday routine.

This summer, I had a great opportunity to have a debut photography group exhibition,

at Sotheby's Institute of Art with amazing artists. (thanks Kate) 


The premise of the exhibition Through the Looking Glass , is to show how artists Shirley

Irons, Qingshan Wang, Jenny Jisun Kim, and Junho Lee use photography in a variety of

ways to capture moments, objects, and sceneries in everyday life.


The lens of the camera is used as a looking glass to observe and document the world

around us. Some artists in the exhibition have directly used photography as an medium,

while others as a step to reach their final product. Either way, the artists have used

photography as a way to interpret their ideas and creativity.


The exhibition was mounted in the order that the curtors believed to be the most

aesthetically pleasing. Instead of mixing the artwork, each artist had their own wall. For

example, Jenny Jisun Kim had six miniature paintings on a single wall. In order to make it

look acceptable on a large wall, the paintings were grouped close together and distance

between the paintings was measured. Shirley Irons had her work on the center wall. Her

work was large and lured the viewer in, which was why the curators wanted it to be the first

thing someone saw when they walked through the door.


Some works needed frames, while other looked better without them. Hanging rods and

putty that suck to the wall was used to hang works because drilling holes was not

acceptable. The space for the exhibition was large and left the curators with enough room

to experiment with where to place individual works. The space is also an educational

environment, so the curators had to be mindful of where pieces were hung and how visitors

would interact with them.


The curators intention for organizing this exhibition was to help represent upcoming artists

and to show the various ways that artists use photography. For example, Shirley Irons takes

a photo of an object before she paints it, Jenny Jisun Kim paints from photos on Instagram,

Junho Lee captures life with a film camera, and Qingshan Wang captures images with a

camera and then digitally edits them to get the look he wants. Either way, the artists have

used the lens as a looking glass to create their final product.